"Kitty Korner"

  18 * 24 painted paper with mixed media

Study for Kitty Korner   18" x 24"  mixed media on paper

"Slack Rope Rider"

​Mixed Media on 18" x 24" paper

Board Walk Boogie  ​24" x 36"  Mixed media on canvas

Kitschtopia Absurdum - 2018

24" x 36" Mixed media on canvas 

After Amelia

Fault Line

The Silence of a Falling Star

Concerto for Guitar and Kite

Blue Orb

Sylvan Dancers  

  9" x 12" mixed media on paper

​Mixed Media

"Seven Steps To Hard Bop"

Acrylics on ​18" x 24" stretched canvas

Artist's Statement:
"I've long said words are my paint. Now pictures tell my stories. Inspired by a wide variety of influence from fine art to underground comix, I mix media and materials to develop a style I call Surreal and Symbolic Absurd Expressionism of Narrative Kitsch.
Canvas and paper are the stage upon which I tell my tales. The act of painting is the performance. The resulting image is a record of the act, an impression of an expression of experience, imbued with one meaning for the artist and containing an entirely separate significance for the audience.
I hold allegiance to no particular school or philosophy of painting. In the brave new online world of digital high definition where image is appropriated, co-opted, manipulated and agenda driven, I strive in my paintings to eschew the conventional, discard conformity and abandon rationality in favor of absurdity, nonsense, chaos and comedy."

Séan M. Poole was born in New York City and raised in Southern California. He has traveled from border to border and coast-to-coast most of his adult life. He writes poetry, plays, scripts, short stories, magazine articles, advertising copy, press releases and artists’ monographs.
Poole lives in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA where he is putting together a collection of poems and short stories, working on another book about Gattorno and collaborating with Allen John Olson on a new book detailing the history of the American Renaissance Festival. He is also creating a body of art work for a gallery show.

Two small format works of art were in the  show at ARTSPACE 506 in North Myrtle Beach, SC  Nov. 18 through Dec. 17, 2016.

Inside An Exterior

Guitar Man Series - many various styles of guitar men

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"Bebop Solo #1 Coltrane Express​"

​Acrylics on 18" x 24" stretched canvas

Beginning of a Century

"Study for Boardwalk Boogie" mixed media on 9" x 12" paper

Chromatic Kenesis #1 SnapshotAlso found in our Shop Vida Collection



9"x 12"  mixed media on paper

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